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About Me

My journey in aromatherapy began in 1995. My husband Dave was unwell and diagnosed with a chronic and terminal disease. I became interested in the possibilities of natural therapies because the side effects of the medicines offered, often seemed worse than the disease itself.

Whilst we have and still do utilize, many of the different fields of natural therapies such as Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Osteopathy, Massage, Reflexology and Kinesiology to name a few – Aromatherapy was the easiest and most cost effective. The feeling of empowerment in being able to adjust or tweak blends, of trying different synergistic blends was nothing short of magic when our future looked so bleak.

For over 2 decades Dave and I have continued to implement these amazing oils into our everyday life, through our personal hygiene and our home. There is not a day goes past without us applying multitudes of blends for our skin, emotions and therapeutic benefit. Working holistically also allows us to prepare for our future and reduce the risk of further complications. I know in my heart that our chosen journey is the reason that Dave is still here today and with a greatly improved quality of life.

In October 2003 I launched Amazing Scents with a view to provide the knowledge for others to make a similar journey. Whilst I had to learn the hard way, I dreamt of making others see the simplicity and gain the advantage of this age old art.

I can’t do this alone and have a team of wonderful and dedicated Consultants who have the same passion for teaching aromatherapy through our in-home workshops. Together we touch the lives of many who had no idea that aromatherapy existed, other than to put oils in a burner. With our great range of the finest quality oils, amazing books, a huge choice of bases to add them too, accessories to encourage regular use and our knowledge – you too can start to take charge of your own health in the future.