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Teenage Skin Issues

Pimples really affect our self-esteem, even more so when you are in your teens and grappling with hormones and confidence issues. While diet is a big part of it, how the body is coping overall makes a difference too [...]

Summertime Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is so incredibly versatile – not only does it have a beneficial effect on our minds, skin and bodies, but it can assist in accelerating the healing process by helping to reduce inflammation, cool and hydrate, and relieve [...]

Aromatherapy – New Age or Old Time Pharmacy?

Aromatherapy is the science of using pure essential oils for therapeutic, mood enhancing and cosmetic benefits – basically old time pharmacy. This is not ‘New Age’ – for centuries essential oils have filled dispensaries and provided pharmacists with the [...]

Can oils help me to sleep better?

If only it was that simple! Wouldn’t it be incredible if everything that went wrong in the human body could be prevented or cured by the use of plant extracts or pure essential oils. Whilst they hold a special kind of [...]