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Essential Oils are the highly concentrated, aromatic plant essences that can be derived from just about any part of a plant including flowers, flowering tops, leaves, stalks, fruit rinds, seeds, saps, nuts, bark, roots, resin and berries. The oils give the plant its scent and are essential to its biological processes. In some cases several different oils can be derived from the one plant. The orange tree for example, gives us Neroli from the flowers, Petitgrain from the leaves and Orange from the fruit. Each of these 3 oils has its own distinct personality and therapeutic properties.
Holistic Aromatherapy recognizes that all of the natural, biological components of essential oils work in synergy to produce their therapeutic qualities. Essential oils used in aromatherapy must be 100% ‘pure and natural’ – meaning that there must be no synthetic materials added to the oil.

Some essential oils are expensive to produce because of the quantity of the plant material required to extract the oil, for example: 100 kilograms of Eucalyptus leaves produces approximately 10 litres of essential oil whilst 100 kilograms of Rose petals produces 100ml of Rose oil. To make them available at reasonable prices synthetic versions of the expensive oils are often produced – these are known as perfume or fragrant oils.
Most essential oils produced throughout the world today are used by the food flavouring, perfume and pharmaceutical industries. These essential oils are pure and natural, but have also been purified by further distillation and during this process some of the minor chemical constituents are discarded.
Amazing Scents only supply essential oils that conform to our standards of purity, distillation and quality and teach you to combine or synergise these oils to produce even bigger results.

Each oil should display the botanical name of the oil, the part of the plant it was sourced from, the % of the oil (in the cases of those diluted in jojoba) and the country of origin as these things can greatly affect the constituents found in that oil. The oil should be bottled in dark glass to protect them from light and have a use by date.

Just because essential oils are natural doesn’t mean that you do not need to be careful with them. They are complex chemical mixtures of organic molecules, which must be used according to safety guidelines – if you abide by the guidelines essential oils are very safe to use.

It really is quite simple, dilute, use the recommended dosage, don’t take internally unless you have seen a qualified aromatherapist.

The latest research by Tisserand and Balacs suggest that essential oils are safe during pregnancy so long as you follow the above. They do however suggest that Aniseed and Fennel be avoided topically during pregnancy.

Current research suggests that you avoid Wintergreen topically if taking blood thinning medications. There is no other evidence that they have any negative interaction with medication. See your qualified healthcare provider if you are concerned.

To be safe and sure please make the purchase of our book  is high on your shopping list priority.

This really is quite logical! Whilst we are drawn to many oils because of our smell/memory association and love to vaporize those oils to change our emotional state, the effect can de diluted by many factors (size of the room, open windows etc). We find that topical application via preparations that are left on the skin – such as cremes, lotions, carrier oils, are more effective and economical. Somewhere in between these two ways are inhalation and bathing.

Our workshops are tailored to visually and audibly teach you many different ways to integrate aromatherapy as a necessity rather than a luxury and become a great asset to your family budget.

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