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Amazing Scents Aromatherapy Workshops are a fun way to learn about a fairly serious subject. The interest in natural and alternative therapies is massive, but most people are prevented from fulfilling their interest by lack of knowledge or doubt. We are currently offering the workshops virtually, in just one and a half hours you can gain the knowledge you need to start applying aromatherapy to every aspect of your life. Our aim is to make Aromatherapy simplistic and something that everyone can experience.


Introduction to Aromatherapy

Learn the four basic ways to use Aromatherapy and how it works to enhance your life. A simple workshop designed for those just beginning to learn the benefits of aromatherapy.

Fabulous Feet

Enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy whilst soaking your feet in a soothing Aromatherapy Foot Tub. Find out how our feet affect our entire body and how good we feel when we pamper them. Each guest is to bring a bucket and towel.

Tired Aching Bodies

In this workshop we will explore how to get to the source of pain, the oils best suited to this quest and which is the best way to use them. Suitable for all age groups as pain and discomfort have no age barrier.

Kids Care

Find out the amazing results you can get by using Aromatherapy with your children. This workshop is based on a book specifically written for the needs of children and will teach you how to integrate oils into your children’s everyday lives. Learn how to make baby wipes the natural way!

Sensational Skin & Hair

Discover how to make your own skin and haircare using Aromatherapy. As the hostess you will receive a sample of a Moisturiser and a Night Serum and experience this magnificent range first hand.

De Stress and Relax

Learn how to use Aromatherapy to reduce stress and anxiety in your home, workplace and life. Everyone will participate in a hand massage that will leave you feeling relaxed and pampered.

Practical Aromatherapy

Discover the uses for Aromatherapy in your home. Your consultant will show you how the Pure Essential Oils can be combined with natural ingredients to be used for cleaning, deodorizing and many other uses.

Women Only

Find out how to use our Amazing Aromatherapy range to help support the more discreet issues that women have. Learn how to make your own products that can enhance being a woman.


Customers attending a workshop receive bulk buy ‘Savers’ that allows them up to a 75% discount on selected products. This means everyone can build their collections faster for less.

Most of our customers will attend several of the workshop themes to gather their collection and to keep learning how to use their products most effectively. It really is amazing to watch people who would never have even thought of using these therapies suddenly grasp their effectiveness and simplicity and start to integrate them into their everyday life. These are the rewards we seek and to see it happen over and over again simply reinforces why we do what we do!

We also hold an “Advanced Class” for those that want to learn even more than we can teach online. These are held every 2 months in a hall with 100 to 150 like minded people for more information follow the link above.