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Summertime Aromatherapy

Summertime Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is so incredibly versatile – not only does it have a beneficial effect on our minds, skin and bodies, but it can assist in accelerating the healing process by helping to reduce inflammation, cool and hydrate, and relieve the underlying causes that are contributing to the symptoms.

At this time of year, we are mostly asked about recipes for insect repellents, sunburn and hangovers! During the summer months we put our bodies and skin under a lot of pressure. We love to get out and about visiting, celebrating and enjoying the longer days and great weather.

We love the opportunity to share some of the recipes we use living by the sea. By making them yourself you can save lots and reduce the toxin transfer that so many of us are concerned about. You can also tweak and play with recipes to tailor make them to suit you and your family.

One of the things we have relearned of late is the importance of Vitamin D. It is important to condition your skin in the cooler times of the day and cover up in the hotter time. If by chance the sun kisses you a little more than intended, try the following: –

After Sun Blend 

8 drops Lavender

4 drops Chamomile (German Blue)

3 drops Spearmint

30ml Aloe Vera Gel or Face Crème Base.


Aloe Vera Gel and Cream Bases cool, while Carrier oils warm so always use a cream base on hot or irritated skin.

Apply regularly to assist the healing process of the skin and to prevent peeling.

Also remember to drink plenty of water to hydrate the skin from the inside.

Neat lavender may also be applied to sooth burns and blister                                                                                                     


Cooling Spray

25ml Aloe Vera Gel

20ml Water

9 Lavender

9 Chamomile (German Blue)

7 Spearmint

25 drops of Solubiliser

For instant cooling and extra relief make this recipe up in a 50ml Atomiser and apply regularly to take the heat out. You can apply a cold compress by adding some ice to a bowel of water, immersing a face washer and applying after the spray. This also works well for a Hot and Bothered Headache.

In the summer many of us take our eye off the ball when it comes to hydration. Sweating not only loses fluid but also salt. Salt is a vital substance for the survival of all living creatures, including humans. There is a great book on this subject called ‘You’re not sick, you’re thirsty’ by F. Batmanghelidj, MD. Salt, water and Potassium regulate the balance of water in our bodies. You have surely heard of people dying on the Kokoda trail – sweat is water and salt. Eating a potassium rich diet, drinking filtered water and using unrefined sea salt such as Himalayan Salt that has other minerals too is best.

Puffy hands ankles and feet are also early signs of stagnant lymph which is known as fluid retention. The most common cause is dehydration, but can also occur when on your feet for too long.


Fluid Retention

10 drops Fennel

5 drops Juniper

15 drops Grapefruit

60 ml Carrier oil

Elevate your feet and reapply on a regular basis.

You can also add a few drops of these oils to a foot bath with sea salts and a squirt of carrier oil to ease the swelling.


Rose Water Hydrosol

Keep a bottle of Rose Water spray in the fridge over summer and spray it all over to refresh and rehydrate your skin! We also use this for red and inflamed rashes and instead of a toner on your face. You can add a few drops of Lavender, Chamomile and Spearmint to make it even more cooling.


Been at the beach- too much sand, sun and surf!

The best way to feed and nourish the skin after depleting it is to exfoliate with our Face and Body Scrub and then moisturize with the following: –

Crocodile Skin

4 drops Lavender

4 drops Chamomile (German Blue)

4 drops Rose

3 drops Geranium

in 30ml of Carrier Oil base.


It is so easy to keep your energy levels up and your stress levels down by aromatherapy. Just by using great quality natural bathroom and skincare products with your choice of essential oils added you are contributing to both. But if you need a little more try the following:


Energy Recharger

3 drops Ginger

3 drops Black Pepper

4 drops Grapefruit

Add to a 10ml roll-on of Carrier oil and apply to body. Great if the hot weather is zapping your energy.



2 drops each of Basil, Lemon, Ginger, Peppermint and Rosemary in a 10ml roll-on of Body Carrier oil.

Or try 1 drop of each in a bowl of steaming hot water and a towel over your head. Lots of water and a nap and all should be well again.


If you are one of those that just seem to attract the mozzies or any other bug in existence, you will love oils!

You are best to prevent the bites but on occasion you may need something to soothe.


Insect Repellent

10 drops Peppermint

10 drops Citronella

10drops Lavender

10 drops Cedarwood

40 drops Solubiliser


Add to 50 ml water and spray, or for young children spray on your hand and then wipe onto them.


Insect Bites

4 Lavender

5 Chamomile (German Blue)

2 Tea Tree

4 Spearmint

Into a 30 ml jar of Hemp Crème to alleviate heat, inflammation and itching.


Our Australian climate is especially brutal to our skin and we need to take extra special care to minimize damage by keeping our skin well fed and nourished. Use aromatherapy to assist in accelerating the healing process by helping to reduce inflammation, it smells amazing and it really works!

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