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Career Paths

Career Paths

Perhaps you envisioned a career in another field or maybe you have just had enough of working for other people and missing out on the valuable things in life – like watching your children grow up and being a part of their lives.

Life is full of changes, and change is good. During times of change, we often try things we normally would have avoided because we had felt comfortable – we are spurred into action and can discover something far better that we weren’t necessarily looking for.

Your choice of career will affect your lifestyle! Maybe you are like me and have tried many different ways to work independently. Maybe you have invested a lot of money in acquiring a business only to find that it ate into the time you were trying to create.

This is different! A minimal investment lets you discover whether this is the right field for you. It will give you the ability to live and work in harmony – the ability to make the choices that you crave.

To have all of that and a rewarding career is an unusual proposition. Here it is just waiting for you to ask. What does it entail? What does it cost me? What do I do next?

The secrets to success are simple– knowing what you want to achieve, having a strong work ethic and finding the right company. You really do get out what you put in as long as the business structure is sound and supportive.

My vision is clear, I have developed the knowledge and the skills, sourced the products and created a company that has true integrity within all of its relationships. Now I offer that to you – come and join me – there is nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Lianne Watson
Company Owner and Director

“My name is Geraldine and I have been an Amazing Scents Consultant for over a decade and I am very passionate about aromatherapy. I love the fact that my career enables me to share that passion as I teach others how aromatherapy can enhance their lives and give them choices with their healthcare that they only dreamt of.

I am married with 5 children who were aged 3-13 when I became involved with Amazing Scents. We have found party plan to be a wonderful environment to allow me to be a ‘stay at home’ mother and yet have a career that nourishes me. The flexibility and choices are second to none!”

Amazing Scents Consultant

I discovered Amazing Scents 5 years ago and became a Consultant within a few months of using their incredible products.  I quickly realised that it was a product that could help so many people and I am honoured to be able to share that.  They are a small Australian company that openly cares for their customers and employees.

From having no prior knowledge of essential oils, with the coaching and company training provided by Lianne and fellow consultants both my confidence in running my own business and knowledge has grown rapidly.  As it was a big change from my previous career and I recognized that success was not going to be instant and I was prepared to work at it and grow my business gradually.

Due to the flexibility of this company I have recently stepped back to Representative level, as my family commitments have increased.  This means I can still have connection with my established customers and love of oils.  Who knows what will happen in the future!

As Consultants, we love passing on our knowledge to customers through our workshops and providing easy access via social media to answer any questions they may have.  We also love the feedback of hearing how we have been able to help them when they no longer thought they could find an answer!!  We provide high quality education on the safe use of Aromatherapy, based on Australian Therapeutic Guidelines.

Discovering Amazing Scents has been lifechanging on many levels and I appreciate all that they have done for me both professionally and personally.  If you love Aromatherapy you could not find a more supportive environment to grow both your knowledge and business.”

Amazing Scents Representative