Saver 4 - July/Aug 2022

$33.40 $83.90 (Save $50.50)

The Body Lotion base is an integral part of our daily routines and an easy way to transfer oils to the blood stream without a thought. For this reason many of our community load their lotion with hormonal, adrenal or skin blends so as to keep everything balanced.  Blend directly into the bottle and leave on the vanity as a visual reminder to use it. The pump makes it convenient and easy to use, no fiddling with lids just pump and apply. It is fast absorbing so it will not transfer to your clothing. 
Geranium is the epitome of balance. Balancing emotions, hormones, adrenals and sebum (the oil our skin produces naturally). Most love the smell but even those that don't will balance it with a flower oil as they all need the properties that Geranium offers.

Just the Body Lotion on its own is normally $35.95 so you get the Geranium for free, just for purchasing over $90 prior to postage.