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Bec Tucker

25 July 2020 ·
Ok, It has been a very long time since I shared a story and it is a little long winded, but worth it, I promise! Over 18 months ago, my 2 nephews were placed into my care through DHHS. They were 1.5 and 2.5. I already had 4 of my own, including a 2.5 year old. They came to me in poor condition and traumatised to say the very least. But we could work on that!. Instantly Lianne gave me some tips on what helps, but that all soon wore off as I was overwhelmed with life. 6 kids, working full time plus Uni, it was tough! As time passed the 2.5 year old became very violent, assaulting kids at childcare, multiple times per day. He would self harm, throw and smash things. He was angry, frustrated and need to say mentally, not Ok ( still waiting for upcoming paed assessment). He couldn’t verbalise what was wrong so he just lashed out. A month or so ago, I had a break down and wondered if I had taken on too much and perhaps made a mistake. Whilst drowning my tears with a hot cuppa ( so rare!!), i thought I might take a look at the amazing scents book and have one last ditch at something! GO FAST blend looked appealing and the description fit. I started marinating this kid in oil and made one for daycare and advised them to put on when they could see he was about to turn. Day 1 = no issues at childcare for the first time ever, Day 2 = same. It has now been 3 solid weeks and I feel like I have a new child, I am mentally better and he loves his oils and puts them on himself all day! Daycare workers can not believe the change and I have handed out the recipe to so many people. I wish I had not lost my love of oils for that long period of time, I could have made it so much easier for myself! xx